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Who are Sankethis? 

Sankethis are a community of Smartha Brahmins primarily residing in the Mysore region of Karnataka. We speak a dialect which is a mix of Kannada, Tamil, and some Malayalam. The community is traditionally famed for intelligence, hard work and its expertise in music, vedas, and in growing the areca palm trees.

Sankethi style of cooking is completely different and incorporates a blend of tastes from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Their signature dishes are Chomai (Steamed Rice vermicelli) made from scratch, Gojjavalakki (peppered broken rice), and Kolakattaes (Steamed rice dumplings).

In Sankethi, “Adukale” means “Kitchen”- traditional Sankethi cuisine. Most of the original recipes have been passed across generations as the love for food is in the genes.

The Company


Sankethi Nutriments Pvt Ltd is a 10 year old enterprise and progressively reaching out to many food lovers and patrons across the world. The products of the company are endorsed by over 20 Lakh customers from varied professions, communities and tastes.

We market all products under the brand name “Adukale”.

Our manufacturing unit has the latest machinery which enables quality manufacturing standards. The factory also has best practices akin to ISO standards (though not certified). The factory premises has been certified by Glaxo Smith Kline as compliant to their GMP’s.