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Onion Tomato Upma
Onion Tomato Upma
Onion Tomato Upma

Onion Tomato Upma

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Upma or Uppittu is a common South Indian breakfast dish cooked as a thick porridge. Onion Tomato Upma is a version of upma prepared in Karnataka which uses onions and tomatoes

Rava, Onion, Tomato, Vegetable Cooking Oil, Cashew Nuts, Mustard, Bengal Gram Dal, Black Gram Dal, Lemon Powder, Green Chillies, Curry Leaves, Ginger, Sugar, and Salt

  • Take 2-2 ½ measure of water and keep it for boiling
  • A measure is a cup or container of your choice
  • When the water starts to boil add 1-2 tsp of Vegetable Cooking Oil.
  • Slowly add 1 measure of Adukale Onion Tomato Upma mix. Keep stirring the mixture until it becomes soft and uniformly thick
  • You can enhance the taste by adding ghee to the mixture
  • Serve it hot with Adukale Chutney Powders


1 pack serves 3 people

This product has NO Preservatives, NO Additives,  NO Cholesterol and NO TransFats