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Nucchina Unde Mix
Adukale Nucchina Unde Mix, Adukale Dal Idly Mix
Adukale Nucchina Unde Mix, Adukale Dal Idly Mix

Nucchina Unde Mix

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Nuchinna unde (nucchu - broken bits; unde - ball ) is a traditional Karnataka Style Steamed Dal Dumpling. This protein packed breakfast comes with a blend of lentils and spices. This is not a dish you will find in restaurants . Many Kannadigas have lots of childhood memories associated with this humble dish. Traditionally Nucchina Unde is eaten with Majjige Huli.

  • Take 1 measure of Adukale Nucchina Unde Mix and soak it in ½ measure of curds and ¼ measure of hot water for 45 minutes
  • A measure is a cup or container of your choice
  • Add finely chopped green coriander leaves to the soaked mix and blend well
  • Make the mix into half fist-full sized balls and steam boil them in an idly cooker for 15 minutes.
  • Service it hot with ghee

Tur Dal, Green Gram Dal, Bengal Gram Dal, Red Chillies, Salt, Baking Soda, Green Chillies, Vegetable Cooking Oil, Coriander Leaves, and Asofoetida

This product has NO Preservatives, NO Additives,  NO Cholesterol and NO TransFats