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Congress Kadlekayi

Who We Are

Adukale, meaning ’Kitchen’ in Sankethi dialect, is our humble attempt to reflect our grandmother’s passion for cooking. Everything you see here is made using natural ingredients and a whole lot of love. We don’t use Preservatives, Colors or Additives. Basically, nothing that you don't eat at home!

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Wall of Love

We are grateful to have received immense love from our patrons thru Email, Fb/Insta Messages, WhatsApp, etc.

That being said, none of those channels are truly public and the Internet is filled with fake reviews so we thought to do things bit differently.

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Just 2-3 interesting emails a month. No spam ever.


Delicious doesn’t have to mean junk. Our products contain zero preservatives and zero bad fat!

Traditions & Values

Experience the taste of age-old recipes that have been passed down generation to generation.

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