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Adukale Instant Gasgase Payasa Mix

Rs. 250.00

250 g

A runny pudding made with coconut and poppy seeds, Gasgase Payasa is native to Karnataka. No festival is complete without a glass of Gasgase Payasa at the end of every meal. The uniqueness of this sweet dish lies in its texture and taste. The poppy seeds or gasgase make it coarse while the coconut gives it an interesting nutty flavour. The best thing about this payasa is that it helps you sleep better. So after an exciting celebration, when you need a sweet dish that can help you unwind and relax, this is the one for you.

Sugar (48%), Gasgase (19%), Rice Flour (14%), Copra, Milk Powder, Refined Palm Oil, Modified Starch (E1400), Cardamom, Nutmeg & Salt.

Directions for Use:
• Take one measure of adukale gasgase payasa mix. To this add one measure of milk & one and half measure of water.
• Stir & boil on medium flame for 2 mins. Cool & Serve.
• A measure is a cup or container of your choice. This pack makes one litre of Payasa.