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Nucchina Unde Mix | Healthy Breakfast | Adukale

Rs. 125.00

250 g


Nuchinna unde (nucchu - broken bits; unde - ball ) is a traditional Karnataka Style Steamed Dal Dumpling. This protein packed breakfast comes with a blend of lentils and spices. This is not a dish you will find in restaurants . Many Kannadigas have lots of childhood memories associated with this humble dish. Traditionally Nucchina Unde is eaten with Majjige Huli.

Directions For Use
  • Take 1 measure of Adukale Nucchina Unde Mix and soak it in ½ measure of curds and ¼ measure of hot water for 45 minutes
  • A measure is a cup or container of your choice
  • Add finely chopped green coriander leaves to the soaked mix and blend well
  • Make the mix into half fist-full sized balls and steam boil them in an idly cooker for 15 minutes.
  • Service it hot with ghee

Tur Dal, Green Gram Dal, Bengal Gram Dal, Red Chillies, Salt, Baking Soda, Green Chillies, Vegetable Cooking Oil, Coriander Leaves, and Asofoetida