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Plain Chakkli

Rs. 89.00

180 g

A savoury, spiral-shaped snack, Chakkli is one of the most popular traditional snacks in India. It goes by several names across the country, such as Dantkali in Orissa, Murukku in Tamil Nadu, Chakri in the Konkan region and Jantikalu in Andhra Pradesh. The name Chakkli finds its origins in the word “Chakradhar”, which means ‘Wheel’. This is because of the signature shape of these crispy snacks which is made using a special Chakkli Press.

Chakklis are festive favourites in all parts of India. They are most commonly prepared in every home during Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. Adukale brings to your our family’s heirloom recipe that you can enjoy with your favourite beverages or as an accompaniment with food.