Instant Sabakki Payasa Mix

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Rs. 150.00

Sabakki Payasa is also known as Javarasi Payasa or Sabudana Kheer in Northern parts of India.  It is made from tapioca pearls or sago which was imported to India in the 1940s from South East Asia. The first ever Sabakki or Sabudana units were set up in Salem in Tamil Nadu. Although a relatively new addition to Indian cuisine, Sabakki has became an important part of our culture. Sabakki Payasa, in particular, is a festive favourite. It is a source of instant energy as it primarily contains starch and carbohydrates, making it a staple during fasting. This payasa is like none other because of the unique texture of Sabakki which is chewy and soft, contrasting the creamy reduced milk to perfection. 

Sugar (44%), Sago Pearls (27%), Rice Flour (5%), Cashew, Raisin, Modified Starch (E1400), Cardamom & Salt.

Directions for Use: 
• Add 2 1/2 measures of milk and one measure of instant sabbakki payasa mixture.

• Stir this mixture well, Boil for 5 minutes on medium flame.Chill and enjoy.

• A measure is a cup or container of your choice. From a 250 gram packet, one litre of payasam can be prepared.