What’s So Special About Indian Filter Coffee?

What’s So Special About Indian Filter Coffee?

Apr 12, 2021Adukale Adukale

Whether you are a Coffee person or not, you cannot mistake the aroma of Coffee. 

Tea has its magic in its subtle fragrance and light, warm taste. Coffee, on the other hand, is more of a strong concoction that feels extremely pleasant to smell and sip. Unlike gentle tea, coffee is a force that hits you in the face...and with groggy faces we all wear in the morning, coffee for sure knows where to land a punch!

Indian Filter Coffee

Any coffee brewed using a traditional Indian filter pot can be called Indian Filter Coffee. 

What’s Chicory Coffee anyway?

Chicory is a plant that bears bright blue flowers and belongs to the dandelion family. It is made using chicory root that has been roasted, ground and brewed into coffee and comes with many health benefits like reduced inflammation, decreased blood sugar, and improved digestive health.

The practice of blending coffee with chicory reportedly began in France in the late 17th century when coffee was in short supply. As chicory has a similar flavour to coffee without any caffeine, it was mixed together. Chicory imparts a nutty flavour profile and darker shade of brown to the extracted coffee.

How much Chicory?

It is subjective. Some people prefer higher chicory content in their coffee, others prefer pure coffee. This Coffee to Chicory ratio is unique to every maker. Our Adukale Chicory Coffee uses 20% of chicory and we strongly believe it’s just the right figure — striking a balance between the nutty flavor of chicory and strong, slightly bitter flavor of coffee.

Indian Filter Coffee Blend

Yes, there’s an Indian filter coffee blend. Once coffee beans are roasted, they are ground to the size that is suitable to the Indian Filter Pot.

A general rule is, the finer the grind, more flavour gets extracted, but the brewing time tends to increase.

Milk in the Coffee

Unlike chai, Indian Filter Coffee is brewed best in milk. If you want your coffee to taste heavenly, see if you can get creamy buffalo milk, nothing like it. If you can’t find buffalo milk, you can go for any Desi/A2 milk rather than going for a regular milk that has very less fat. Once you've brewed the coffee decoction, you need to add boiled milk to it. There is no standard measure about how much milk to add, you can experiment with it and figure out.

Just to note, our premium pure filter coffee can also be enjoyed as an espresso.

The Indian Filter

We don’t know exactly when but it was invented in South India to refine the coffee extraction. It is the simplest coffee maker in the world, bar none. The make is quite simple — two stainless steel (or brass) chambers/cups assembled one on top of the other. One of these chambers comes with a pierced bottom that nests into the top, leaving ample room underneath to receive the brewed coffee, also called ‘decoction’. 

The Indian filter coffee is also served in a cup and saucer which allows one to swish the coffee back and forth to cool it down. And in the process, it also improves the texture, froths the milk, and dissolves the sugar.

How to Enjoy Coffee?

Some folks slurp their coffee in a small, synchronised manner.  The slurp, in this case, is more of a dialed down ‘gulp’.

But there’s another way to enjoy coffee, and it is perhaps the best way. You take a small sip. Enjoy the moment in between. You take another sip.

Yep, that’s it!

If you drink it this way, you will become aware of coffee’s sheer brilliance and raw aroma. This is Zen-like, it requires you to let go and get overwhelmed — just how an ocean makes the way when the river gushes through...!

What About Adukale Coffee?

We make coffee in two simple versions — one with chicory and another one that’s pure arabica coffee with no chicory added. 

Filter Coffee with 20% Chicory

Chicory coffee is how most folks across Bengaluru (and south india) likes it. When you go to any Darshini, you get chicory coffee. However the percentage varies a bit — some folks add 15% chicory and some add even 45%, we decided to go for a balanced taste and went with 20%. 

You can buy our Filter Coffee with 20% Chicory here.

Pure Arabica Coffee

This is the coffee that most folks would be able to appreciate. It has no chicory -- just pure, high quality coffee.

You can buy our Pure Arabica Coffee here.

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