Maddur Vade | Indian Snack | Adukale - 180g Pack

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One of the most popular snacks here at Adukale, we must have sold 1L+ packs so far! You just cannot go wrong with this one.

The famous Maddur Vade/Vada gets its name from the Maddur/Madduru town that is about 80 km away from Bangalore. It has a crispy, little bit hard crust and soft-soft from the inside. You can have it as is or with a hot coffee/tea.


Origins of Maddur Vade!

One day, a train arrived early and Shri Ramachandra Budhya's Pakoras weren't ready. He didn't wish to lose out on customers and came up with an idea to roll the dough flat (as the cone shape of the pakora takes longer to make and cook) and fry it like a vada.

It became popular among the passengers and that's how Maddur Vade got its name.

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Customer Reviews

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Pankaj Munvar nice T Shirt but length is very big
Maddur vade

Very tasty

Kaveri Mahishi

Maddur Vade

Arun Seetharam
Powdered stuff

This is not one time, but after ordering it more than a couple of times, it’s pretty frustrating to get a packet of completely crushed maddur Vades. Once to the extent that half the packet was literally like a powder. I’m not sure Adukale is big on return replacement refund kind of things.

I would definitely expect a lot better quality from a company like Adukale who have been serving people with some of the most delicious savories.

C Sridhar

Maddur Vade

Inconsistent taste


I had been ordering your products for some time now but every time I order the taste keeps changing for awesome to okay. Quality of the produce is not that great as it was before